Monday, 16 January 2012

Bloody social media

So, I've just seen this new thing and because I'm cool and awesome and also awesomely cool I wanted to put all my social profiles in their so my Mum can keep track of how cool I am all in one place. 

Problem being, it appears my blog is exceptionally low in both quality and quantity so what better reason to update it than a post about quite literally nothing other than perhaps how this bloody social media has made us all a bunch of people who share stuff, some of it is superb, some of it is genuinely inspiring and some of it is quite literally dross. 

Point being, quite literally that. I've created a post of dross so, if someone were to find me on they'd see the awesome range of social content I create and be inspired to share, create, converse and all that other social stuff. 

Love it.