Wednesday, 26 December 2012

Hat trick... Just

I thought i'd try and get a quick post in before the year is out and make It three for the year.

Whilst this clearly isn't a left foot, right foot then header 'perfect' hat trick it's still one in which I can continue the football theme for a bit longer...

At kick off I flew out the blocks banged in an early brace (Jan & Feb i think). Since those opening minutes I've been quiet. 'Hardly had a kick' they'd say on MOTD but, at the crucial time with the clock ticking down I'm stepping up to smash home an absolute screamer!

Well... Not really but there is at least a tiny bit of seasonally relevant mobile material I can muster up in these dying embers of 2012.

After their bath my kids wanted to watch a video on my phone... I went for my trusty steel only to find the silver bullet removed... YouTube was nowhere to be seen, i then remembered it had been removed a few weeks back for no apparent reason (tinkering)

Anyway... With YouTube installing i had a quick look at other apps published by google inc and realised Blogger was literally the only one not installed on my phone....

It is now an here we are and here is this post. .

It's like a Tarantino film is it not? Mind bending.


With an app at the ready will I be more frequent in 2013?