Friday, 27 September 2013

This is an awesome gif. I'm going to nail it tomorrow.

 then going to learn how to embed a gif into blogger posts. Apparently it's easy but there were ten steps in the post I read #notfrictionfree 

Friday, 20 September 2013

Van tactic

Ok, so last outing into this 'blogger sphere' ended up with a confession, a confession routed in me bottling my after work skate session for fear of embarrassing myself in front of a bunch of teenie blooper scooter kids...

Well, the following weekend I grew some potatoes and realised that I could indeed coexist with my potential teenage tormentors. 

I got up early. Now I'm owning the skatepark!!! At lest until 10am. Below is some sort of proof...


The awesome thing is, both myself and the Dutch kiddies are loving it! There are no switch 360 flips, no frontside 180 kick flips, not even a pop shuv-it in sight. There is some good ol' fashion shreddin'. I even managed a rock-to-fakie on my first drop in 17 years... Don't knock it haters!!

Skateboarding is for winners - especially before the baying mob arrive to remind me I might be having an early midlife crisis. 

By the way, you see what I did with the title? Genius!