Saturday, 30 April 2011

The CIO, the orange button or the TV - who's most influential?

Being so close to the cutting edge (there are scratches on my big toe - that's how close) I was watching BBC Click this morning (yes at 06:50 on BBC1 I'm afraid) and they ran a feature about apps on browsers and had a few examples of those available on chrome...

15 hours later I had myself a look and I thought the 'blog it' by blogger was pretty neat... I then thought to myself well will it actually make me blog any more frequently.The results of the test say yes but I'm guessing you say the same about anything tried once its the fact I know its not going to happen again for another few months that makes the voice in my head say 'NO it will not!'

Be that as it may, I did find the BBH Labs post on innovation in agencies both interesting and relevant so thought I'd use the new little button in my browser to share it...

The agency I currently work at has a CIO, he's name checked in the blog and is a thouroughly nice and amazingly intelligent chap. In addition to that I'd say my sample of one thinks having someone in that role brings a hell of a lot to the agency. From personal experience its been in points 3 and 5 but I'm sure those with a closer or more regular interactions would say he delivers on all counts so, for what its worth yes a good agency (or any agency that wants to be good) does really need a CIO.

Exploring The Edges: On Innovation In Agencies « BBH Labs

but its unlikely he or the nice orange button in the corner of my browser will make me blog more consistently.

So shall I tell you what hit me more than anything today?

TV is an awesome and influential communications channel. Ok it may be dross, and if you've stayed here this long you're probably my wife or brother but the only reason I've spent 30 minutes this evening mucking about on the chrome webstore and typing this is due to 30" of TV coverage at an ungodly hour this morning - 30 seconds of TV coverage for 30 minutes of real world interaction is a great ratio and that's why TV is still awesome!