Friday, 24 February 2012

Bloody Social Media... again

Having checked out my GA it appears the last post was by far the most well received ever. Therefore I thought strike while the iron is super hot (about 3 weeks I think) and quickly share some of the perils of this here social thing.

I work for a company, we sell pizzas, we are a franchise business. Well, earlier today one of those franchisees sent me a cool thing that Macy's are doing on Facebook and asked if it was something replicable in the UK - I'm looking into it.

In principle its pretty simple and neat. You see the offer they put in a status post, you click 'get offer' they email you the offer - boom! Great marketing, nice way of making that very sociable communication a direct one.

The thing is, I thought I'd have a play with it myself. So, I went to Macy's page saw the post in question and clicked on it...

Thing is, being all about the social and the sharing those pesky facebook people immediately share the fact I've interacted with the Macy's ad to my wall and I had some nice people make comments about the nice shoes I was never going to buy from Macy's (don't worry, I'm still cool because I styled it out by pretending I was a transsexual - what a winner eh?)

Point being?
1) It's a good reminder that people spend a lot of time on facebook in fact all the time (first response was in seconds)
2) Facebook has some seriously awesome marketing opportunities in its platform - imagine if I really was buying those shoes?
3) It's always worth considering what you're doing in the social space and who might see it!!

Bloody social eh?