Wednesday, 26 June 2013

Scratching the itch. Should I?

So, 17 years ago I was a skate dude.

I rode a plan b deck, spitfire wheels, gullwing trucks, carried a spanner and had pants that sagged embarrassingly low. There were a range of tragic clothing adventures but it was all done under the guise of thinking I was cool. I skate therefore I am... that kind of thing.

I was a bit crap, that's an undeniable fact but I used to love tearing it up (or trying at least) at places such as Harrow Skate Park, St Albans Pioneer Club and of course the Mecca of the UK skate scene London's South Bank. 

Here's the thing, I kind of just stopped because I turned into a bit of a dick and started doing other stuff. 

There have been a few prompts in the past 5-6 years that have made me want to get back on a deck. 
1) the mini ramp I walk passed when we go for a nice walk in the local country park.. It looks so lonely
2) a guy I played football with had one in his car, I rode it in the car park and could still olly... Sort of.
3) I went to NYC in 2011 and loved that it was just ok for people to roll
4) We went on our hols to San Diego and everyone seemed to be a roller - my kids loved it. Telling them I used to roll projected me to hero status.
5) last week #goskateboardingday was trending on both twitter and Instagram - it demonstrated to me that this interweb has made skateboarding a much more globally accepted past time.

I want in again.

So... Should I be scratching this itch or what?