Monday, 22 July 2013

Taking the plunge and dropping in.

Ok, previously I talked about the skateboard shaped itch that needed scratching. Well a few weeks ago I took the plunge...

I took myself along to the Bucks Boarding Centre and, despite my inner skateboard snob screaming at me bought myself a complete deck. The man with the awesome Mohawk was super helpful and made me feel as though the plan I wa hatching was one of genius not complete folly - he'll go far!!

That very afternoon I took myself along to the skatepark enroute home from work - Marston Mortaine. I was ready to 'tear that mother f@@ka up' as Ice Cube once said...

Thing is, when I got there around 6pm having fled from work in a whirlwind of excitement, the place was full. A tiny park fully occupied. 15-20 10-16 year olds tearing it up on skateboards, BMX's and contraptions they didn't have in my day - stunt scooters.

You know what I did? I stood there awkwardly for about 5 mins then got in my car and drove home. 

Epic fail.

Probably something deep in their about courage of convictions and good ideas only being good ideas when they are acted upon but that all sounds a bit like I'm working.So I'll just keep it real - I felt a bit like a knob.

Next time!!